Expertly curating the best of pre-loved fashion.  We celebrate access to the wardrobes of stylish individuals, fashion leaders, inspirational women and influencers, bringing you an innovative way to discover things you’ll love.  StyleSwap is the UK’s first pre-loved premium fashion community; a curated destination for buying, selling and getting inspired about all things fashion.

Our vision is to connect forward-thinking women in the ultimate style community and change the perception of pre-loved fashion so that sustainable pre-loved shopping the norm.  Our goal is to create a personalised buy and sell marketplace for pre-loved womenswear fashion that allows women to shop, according to their size and style, inside the wardrobes of stylish individuals and inspirational women.  

We believe that pre-loved fashion should be as easy to shop as new fashion and beautifully curated.  Goodbye to the 'endless scroll'.  A condition afflicting modern women  trying to shop pre-loved fashion.  

StyleSwap was founded by Jo Waddington.  With 13 years of experience in the fashion industry, Jo realised that the industry needed new technology to help women find beautiful pre-loved fashion that was personalised to their shape, style and busy lives and be more inspired than what was currently available.  Jo founded StyleSwap in 2019, as an invitation-only network of the most stylish women in London after getting frustrated about the horrifying quantity of beautiful clothing barely worn and rarely sold on as women continued to buy new clothes because the pre-loved was so difficult to shop.

We are inspired every day by our inspirational forward-thinking women who are confident leaders in what they do, they way they think and their style.